Guys Write for Guys Read

This is a book worth trying with young male readers fall into either category (or both). It’s a collection of very short stories and essays (one to two pages) by male authors whose work has proven popular with male readers. Many of the stories are funny, many contain useful life lessons, and many contain the kind of content and language parents may want to review before their child jumps in. In one story a neighbor launches his brother high over a fence with a makeshift catapult. Of course, the edgy content is part of the reason many of the boys I know have liked this book. The stories have action, and often action of questionably good judgment. If you don’t mind doing the work of managing the questions and ideas that may arise from your child’s reading of the stories, you’ll also likely find that the book is great for generating discussion. The collection is also a good way to expose readers to authors they may be willing or even excited to read.

Guys Write for Guys Read is available new and used from amazon. While you’re looking, you might also check out 13: Thirteen Stories that Capture the Agony and Ecstasy of Being Thirteen, which I’ve found often appeals to readers who like Guys Write…