A little Lego redemption

As a longtime Lego enthusiast, I get a little distressed when I pass through an aisle of Lego products that appear to have very few actual blocks included – where everything looks Lego-ish but most of the parts can only serve one purpose and there’s not much building to be done.  I expect blocks and only blocks, though I’m willing to concede that if it were blocks and only blocks there’d likely be no more Lego at all.

Anyway, lest I get ranting, the point of the post is this: I was somewhat heartened to hear of Lego’s new game Creationary, in which players are to guess what others are building.  You can see where the name came from; seems like a promising choice for those who thrive in 3 rather than 2 dimensions, or would like to. It looks as though you can download the rules from Lego’s site, if you want to know more about the game.