New Septembers Coaching/Consulting

Coaching/Consulting for Parents – support for parents in raising thriving kids

• For school parents – support for moving through and beyond challenges with school and homework, focus or attention issues

• For homeschooling parents – building paths and programs that work for individual kids and families; managing challenges along the way

• For parents considering their options – guided inquiry into the choices available and likely compatibility between kids and options

Tutoring/Coaching for Kids – support in reading, writing, and math, designed according to my commitment to these principles:

• Authentic Motivation – kids’ existing capacities and interests play a key role in shaping individualized support

• Joyful Rigor –  learning can be fun and challenging at the same time

• True Success – kids work toward goals that matter to them, and recognize their accomplishments as their own

Here are a few things people have written about working with me…

“We sense that you possess a special ability to understand and relate to children.  We feel fortunate that you would take the time to explore with us ways for our daughter to make the most of her stage of development and possibilities for the future.  Since meeting with you, we have felt a shift in our perception of where our daughter is at.” – parents of a 12 year-old

“I think just the process of working with you (not to mention the great recommendations) has done a lot to motivate my children to be more self-motivated.” – parent of two

“Thank you for receiving our daughter so fully – that has not been something that has happened very often – we really appreciate it!” – parent of an 11 year-old

“I especially loved how you connected with the kids–you really listen to them and connect with what they are saying and doing, showing true respect—and they really know it, too.  It’s so refreshing to interact with adults who treat kids like valuable human beings!” – parent of two

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