For a long time, the educational paradigm was to give everyone the same thing the same way.  We didn’t worry about whether or not every child was getting what we were offering.  We just offered it.

Then at some point we did start to worry about it.  We wanted more children to get what was offered.  We started working on how to offer it so that more of them could get it. I don’t think anyone would contend that this shift wasn’t, hasn’t been, progress.

It isn’t enough, though.  It works better, but it doesn’t work well enough.  We’ve been at it awhile now, and more and more, the ones for whom it isn’t working are protesting.  Some of them protest by disappearing into themselves.  They get very quiet.  Others protest by making lots and lots of noise – by being what we tend to call difficult.  Others just struggle and think it’s their fault. It’s time to move on.

I was thinking.  If we started with giving everyone the same thing the same way, and then we moved on to trying to give everyone the same thing in different ways, maybe the next logical step would be to acknowledge that every person actually needs something different. So we can get to work figuring out how to provide it.

This would not be good news for standardization and convenience, but it could be the best possible news for humanity. It could mean that we start to get a glimpse of what’s really possible – of what happens when each person’s actual potential is realized.


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  1. Amen.

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