Just the thing

I was reminded today that for many kids who are trying to learn to read, stories are not the most effective practice texts. I watched a seven year-old I know, who is prone to distraction and squirming when reading, fully absorbed in one of Mindware’s Perplexors.  She was reading and rereading clues, slowing down when she got confused, correcting mistakes, laughing at herself when she got mixed up.

For many kids, the stories are just the thing.  But there’s plenty of other stuff to read and for so many other kids, it’s the recipes or the maps or the lyrics or the logic puzzles that are just the thing.


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  1. I’m really smiling – my now 22 year old college graduated son learned to read billboards and truck lettering and signs of all sorts. From there to food names at the grocers. Harry Potter was next. And then lots of literature but mostly graphic novels.

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