The power of the intrinsic

Philippe Petit is best known for his various high-wire feats. (The Man Who Walked Between the Towers is a nice picture book rendition of one of his most famous walks.)  In this recent TED talk he tells of his journey to unlikely accomplishment, beginning at age six when he set about mastering a series of card tricks.

You may or may not hope that the passions of your six year-old will take them to the lengths and extents that Petit’s did. Either way, Petit’s account of his path hints at the kind of world we might create if we were to make it possible for children to explore the full range of what intrigues them enough to inspire a deep and lasting commitment to mastery.


2 Responses

  1. So glad my own 6 year old twins will have the chance to live each day being guided by their interests and able to focus on mastering their talents.

  2. An awesome documentary on him as well, Man on Wire. So inspirational!

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