For your young engineer/inventor/technician/designer/artist

Wow.  Look at this.


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  1. very cool thanks for sharing

  2. Whoa. Must go find…more cool things to blame you for!

  3. I love her passing (but powerful) statement about what kids DON’T learn in school. Imagine if your engineer/inventor/designer/artist had a table full of THESE GOODIES to work with all day (‘work’—we like that word, don’t we? much better than PLAY, which of course gets us nothin’ concrete or solid—-and that’s why we’ve got kids in school all day doing the REALLY important work. Ahem.).

    LittleBits are like SnapCircuit but waaaay more flexible and fun! My daughter would love these! Thanks Meredith.

  4. I want to play!

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