Ongoingly recommended reading…

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned John Holt’s Freedom and Beyond, and realized that there are many books behind the scenes of what I write every day that I rarely mention (F&B is a good example).  So I’m gathering them up in an amazon bookshop page which you can get at by clicking through the Recommended button at the top of this page.  I’m likely to add books often, and I’ll annotate when possible.  Also, the category structure is a work in progress. Books will appear in more than one category, because that’s how books are, and even if they weren’t, that’s how my brain is.

Also… from time to time I post something quickly on Facebook that I don’t post here – usually an article or video I want to share but don’t have time to comment on – so if you’re interested in seeing those, you can visit the page or add it to your Facebook feed.

Here’s the amazon link; enjoy, and send questions if you have ’em.


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  1. Oh very dangerous and exciting that you did this bookshop page! Thank you!

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