Scott Noelle on enjoying parenting

I was delighted this morning to find myself on the blog of Scott Noelle, parenting coach and writer.  Scott writes a blog called the Daily Groove; his site is called Enjoy Parenting.  (Thanks to Yvonne for the link; Yvonne’s blog is at http://www.welive but the title is “aprendiendo todos de todo” which, according to my visit to Google translate, offer another delicious phrase for thought: “learning all of everything.”  Whether or not it’s an accurate translation, I like it!)

The first post of Scott’s that I saw was this one on taking care with the words always and never where kids are concerned.  I found my way also to his interview with Home Education magazine in which he talks about, among other insightful things, the opportunity to replace domination with partnership: “Domination is exerting power over others and squelching their autonomy; partnership is sharing power with others to enhance each other’s autonomy” and the potential of that shift to transform the experience of parenting (not just the experience of being a kid).

I don’t often come across a resource I find this refreshing and potentially empowering and supportive for parents committed to navigating their family lives according to their actual values and intentions (rather than those that trickle down or poke in from outside).  I encourage you to have a look and see if Scott’s work has something to offer you.


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  1. Hi! The translation of “aprendiendo todos de todo” would rather be : “Learning everybody from everything.” I suppose in English it would sound better this way: “everybody learning from everything”.

    Yes! I love the Daily Groove. Each day when I get the message it kind of reminds me to be the mum I want to be.

    Kisses from Spain.

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