Computer programming for kids and other beginners

I tend to prefer books with subtitles that read “for kids and other beginners” rather than just “for kids,” even though being a kid doesn’t necessarily mean being a beginner.  These books tend to be written more respectfully, which tends to mean they’re better received by actual kids.

Here’s another, this time about computer programming: Hello World! Computer Programming for Kids and Other Beginners.  And though there’s always the question, with computer programming books, of whether or not the content will be outdated by the time the ink dries, this one seems worth a try even though it’s already two years old.  The authors are still working on getting interested kids connected to writing code.  They have a blog (that still gets updated) here:  So even if the book’s not what you’re looking for, this seems like a good place to start if you’ve got young ones interested in creating stuff on the computer.  Let me know how it goes.


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  1. Looks great! We have decided to try Code Academy this year, and the resident seven year old is loving it:

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