I’m reminded again and again of the wide appeal of Rush Hour.  If you haven’t played it, or seen someone else play it, I highly recommend trying it out.  It’s available the old-fashioned way, with moveable three-dimensional pieces, or in app form.  I’ve played both, and while the app looks cool (especially on the ‘Pad) and could be considered more portable, there’s something about physically moving the pieces that seems to contribute to the experience.

Anyway, it’s a puzzle, or a one-person game, in which the player is charged with freeing a designated vehicle from a set of prescribed toy gridlock.  Depending on the difficulty level of the gridlock design you choose, solving the puzzle can require willingness to consider multiple options, deductive reasoning, inductive reasoning, strategic planning, and much patience and tenacity.  It’s the kind of thing about which I hear young people say “This is hard.  And so much fun.”