Ken Robinson on refraining from school

It’s snowing again, a lot, so I’m stuck inside and a little stir crazy. I thought I’d use the occasion to try something new.  Instead of linking to this recent Ken Robinson video, I shall attempt to embed it in the post.  Old dog, new trick.  We’ll see how it goes.

I like the way he talks here – just simply, about what becomes possible in a non-school situation.  He doesn’t seem to feel the need to do any either/or us/them approved/not approved stuff.  It’s refreshing.

One of my favorite components of Robinson’s work in general is what he refers to in this clip as “diversity of provision.”  I agree that if we were to bring to our efforts at school reform an inquiry into the question of diversity in what we offer, we could move beyond discussions that are limited to how we’re delivering what we’ve always delivered, and finally give ourselves a real shot at creating something new and viable.