Daily irony

I’ve been reading The Case Against Homework, by Sara Bennett and Nancy Kalish.  Starting with the cover photo of a child who looks tiny in comparison to his own backpack (an all-too-common sight these days, in my opinion), the book is replete with reminders that many things are going horribly wrong with what we’re asking and requiring of kids.

One thing that the authors point out is that for a child whose school day is 7 hours long, anything more than an hour of homework means – by labor standards – that she’s working overtime. Ironic, given that one of the reasons we committed to compulsory schooling in the first place was to relieve kids of the conditions they were subjected to as factory workers.

Adults like to tell kids that school is their job.  If we mean that, we better be ready for them to start asking us where their time-and-a-half is.