Beyond molasses

One of the things that happens in the current climate of worry about schooling and education is that we dramatically underestimate kids’ capacities.  When kids are deep in patterns of resistance and incompatibility with what they’re doing, they tend to be slow, lethargic, apathetic.  When they’re being heard and included in the process of their own learning and the unfolding of their most suitable paths, they tend to amaze us – they get things done quickly, they choose to take things on even when they’re difficult, their learning accelerates dramatically.  We have learned that learning is a laborious and molasses-esque process, doomed to swallow gobs of time and energy.  That’s only what it looks like when it doesn’t fit.


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  1. 😀
    This is helpful and truly what we are finding. Why am I so uncomfortable with the process??
    It is foreign, but fits my son well and he really does seem to “get it”

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