Early August invitation

It’s early August, and I’ve started hearing from parents as they gear up for another school year (whether or not their kids will be in school).

When September starts to loom, if it hasn’t been going well (whatever it might be; math last year, getting promised projects done in July, reading, finding the apprenticeship with the right person), it can suddenly feel like time to do something, and quick.

And the doing something can look lots of different ways, and can yield results that are or aren’t what you’re actually after.

Here’s my early August invitation.  Before you take action, get clear with yourself about the what is really important to you when it comes to your kids.  What really matters?  What really matters now, and what will likely matter later?  How do you want things to turn out?

That simple inquiry can profoundly affect the choices you make about what actions to take and what actions to not take.  Actions that are in synch with your actual commitments and values are more likely to move things in the direction you want them to move.