Shaking it off

Getting determined plays a big part in building your kid’s life around who she actually is, with some of it matching up with what we traditionally think kids should be up to and some not.  There will be things that work famously and easily, and things that don’t.

‘Til we’re blue in the face we can say we believe that if at first you don’t succeed, try, try, etc., meanwhile (understandably) hoping things that are meant to be will work instantly.  That they’re won’t actually have to be too much try, try.  But it often does take a lot of try, try, and it really can be the difference between getting somewhere and staying nowhere.  Which is probably why it can feel excruciating even though it sounds so simple!  I’m writing about it today because it keeps smacking me in the face with various attempts I’m in the process of.

That first phone call to a possible mentor didn’t work out?  The woman was downright mean?  There’s someone else out there who’s not, and it’ll be worth making the second call (unless it takes three, or four, or more). I promise.