For Social Studies, You Can’t Beat City Hall

Well, a city council meeting, at least.  We had a hearing last night on a proposed ordinance that would allow local residents to keep laying hens in backyard coops. Fortunately for me and my ongoing education, I didn’t think to read the agenda for the council meeting ahead of time and as a result was present not only for the hearing but also for lots of other reading, commenting, moving, and voting.

I got a long overdue education on city politics.  I’d like to think that not everyone is as ignorant as I when it comes to the workings of government, but I fear I am not even close to alone.  I’m sure I “learned” it all at some point along the line, but I don’t remember a stitch and what I experienced at the meeting was nothing short of wonder. Furthermore, I couldn’t help thinking that such an experience might have a similar effect on several of the young people I know.  So the purpose of this little snippet is only to suggest, in case you haven’t thought of it already, that a city or town meeting might make a worthwhile excursion.  I’d recommend taking care to choose one with at least some content of interest to your family so it’s not just an educational exercise.