Learning Language in the Car

Here’s a good language program for those who are tight for time and hesitant to sink too much money into a program whose kids are at high risk for abandoning: Berlitz Rush Hour. It’s available in Spanish, French, German, and Italian (all for English speakers) and in English for Spanish speakers.

As the title suggests, the CDs are designed to be used during a commute or other drive. The heart of the program is the silly songs which, though they may annoy you, will stay with you, which of course is what you want. If you like learning by ear, or your child does well with this kind of learning, these are worth a try. There’s a book that accompanies the CDs, so if you want to use the discs when you’re not driving, you can follow along with the book.

It’s a low-cost program and really only enough to get your learning off the ground – it won’t get you all the way to fluent. It’s great, however, if you’ve got a young one who wants to learn a language and isn’t sure which one, or just thrives with playful/silly but content-rich materials.

Here’s a link to the Spanish version.

I also stumbled upon a free online word game which is associated with the series. You’ll also find that there are several different versions of the program. (One comes with headphones, another is an audio download, another is designed to complete in an hour…)