Math Practice for the Younger…

I hung on to a daily math practice book from my last classroom teaching job, and it’s proven a good keep.  It’s published by Great Source, and is set up as a quick review for a range of math concepts (place value, fractions and decimals, etc.).  It’s called Practice Counts, and comes in several different grade level versions.  (It can be tricky to find – it’s available on amazon but you have to check with the vendor to be sure you’re getting the level you want; you can also order it through a retail store.  The publisher only sells them several at a time.)

What I like about this series is that it mixes things up and offers a lot of practice without too much repetition. Not everyone loves it, but I decided to write it up because the families who have found it useful have used it in such different ways.  Some do use it as a review of already-known concepts or a way to find out which things didn’t really stick.  I also know several homeschoolers who use it to find out what math they haven’t come across yet and would like to learn. The problems in the book are sometimes example enough to get the concept learned; other times kids go to other texts or sources for a deeper understanding.

As with any such book, I recommend requesting a sample page or checking it out at a retail store before purchasing it – the layout and content works well for many but may not work for everyone.