The Future of Education…

I narrowly missed reading a great book this week. I’d requested Turning Learning Right Side Up from interlibrary loan, but glanced only passingly through its pages before deciding it was too academic and heady for me to read. I’ve grown impatient, over the years, with the likes of these. They take too long to get to the point, I tend to stereotype. Fortunately, for some reason, I gave this one a chance.

Turning Learning Right Side Up could certainly be described as academic, but the layout and tone and approach of the book is entirely beside the point. I’m also very glad it is what it is, because I know it makes it more accessible to those for whom this is a more compelling format/genre.

The book is about why the school system is not working. It argues that it’s not doing a poor job, but rather doing a job that no longer suits the environment it’s designed to support (not to mention a job that doesn’t make optimal use of or nurture human potential).

The best news about this book is that its introduction is just that – an introduction to what goes on in the book. If you’re interested in why our schools are failing so miserably, or why school isn’t working for your child, and/or what a more workable system might need as its foundation, I encourage you to give this book a try.  If you’re like me and at all short on patience, start with the six-page introduction, which is a good preview of what’s to come and will give you a good idea of whether or not it’ll be worth a full read.