The Myth of the ADD Child

A quick glance at even a portion of Thomas Armstrong’s list of titles will give you a good sense of whether or not you’re likely to enjoy his work: You’re Smarter than you Think, Awakening Genius, In Their Own Way. Armstrong takes an unusual and highly effective and wise approach to his writing about children and development. His work is based on the assumption that children are capable of overcoming challenges and can be honored and included in the process of taking on those challenges.

I have found that The Myth of the ADD Child * is particularly useful for anyone attempting to help a young person manage the symptoms/behaviors/challenges that often lead to a diagnosis of attention deficit disorder. I’ll leave the discussion of the usefulness and validity of the diagnosis itself to Dr. Armstrong – part of the point is that regardless of diagnosis, children are dealing with what they’re dealing with, and there are more ways to support them than may come quickly to mind.
*Follow the link to read an excerpt on amazon.